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An Alternate Ending and Giveaway In Your Dreams by John Swan

An Alternate Ending

            In regards to Book One, there were multiple “alternate” endings. Mostly these were conceptual throughout the last five years as I was building the series. The entire double trilogy just randomly came together all of the sudden about two years ago, and once I had worked out the kinks of the major story lines and character arcs I finally had made a base for book two and so on. Once that crucial stage was complete, I actually began writing book one. I had a ton of edits, and cut nearly 100 pages of material that wasn’t needed. I admit it, I can be a bit of a fluff writer and wander, so my editor really keeps me on my toes when it comes to including things that are relevant and moving the story along.

            But until I was nearing the end of book one, the series was actually only 5 books long. What is now book two didn’t exist, and I immediately had the characters and story moving into what is now book three. But I had never been happy with it, and it felt too rushed and forced. The story of Mim, Éolan, Bette, and the others started to take on a life of its own, and I felt the events (in what is now book three) wouldn’t work. So then I began expanding that manuscript and realized there definitely needed to be a book in between. Otherwise book one would be 300 pages, with the second installment nearing 900. Not good.

            So, to make a long story short, (too late), book one didn’t end with them falling through the mirror. And actually, Mim and Bette never spent much time at the Vale at all, because they never made it in! That didn’t last long, but the story actually wandered away from the Vale, and the girls moved off with Éolan back to Alastria. Then they moved on towards the middle lands and the central focus on Pretoria City in Book three. But as I reflected on the series as a whole, I realized a huge gap had formed. There was a large void in the story that would never be addressed, all of which you will learn about.

            So yes, there was definitely an alternate ending, with Mim and Bette heading back to Alastria with Éolan. But alas, this was not meant to be. And you’ll be glad it wasn’t because book two is going to be awesome and the events are really going to tie back in with the major stuff down the road in books five and six. I can’t wait for you all to read! 

In Your Dreams
The Aldaya Series
Book One
John Swan

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Date of Publication: Sept. 14, 2014


Number of pages: Estimated 276

Cover Artist: Natalie Spasic

Book Description:

On an ancient planet within our galaxy, a dark and fearsome terror has awoken from its long slumber. Its task is to work quietly from the unseen, spreading dissent through the vulnerable territories of the free races; weakening them for its master. By a chance meeting, it comes across a young girl in the swampy and mist choked lands of Endmoor.

Her name is Mim, and the pairing of her platinum hair and violet eyes has not been seen since the Great War 1,000 years earlier; and has attracted unwanted attention. Knowing it hunts her, Mim flees and starts on a journey that takes her far across the Great Isle of Aldaya; the only landmass that now sits above the waves.

Unbeknownst to her, she is the key to unraveling the darkness that is falling over the Great Isle; an emptiness that threatens to swallow not only Aldaya, but the Sphere as well, and all its futures to come.


Her words caught in her throat and she was unable to breathe. The woman at the table was the strangest looking person she had ever seen. Her body was thin and gangly, and her pale skin stuck out jaggedly in places as if it were trying to cover too many bones. Even sitting down Mim could tell she was tall, and her thin robes were midnight black and hemmed in places with dark maroon embroidery.

Then Mim took in her face, and it was paler and more terrifying than the rest of her body.

Her cheekbones were set a little too pointy and high. The mouth was nothing more than a thin slit stretched too far across the length of her face. The nose looked as if it had been removed, shrunk, and poorly placed back on. And her eyes were ghastly and titled upwards too far, and completely black with veins around the outer parts. Their color matched the hair that came down from her dark hood, which had jagged protrusions poking out at a few points near the back.
“Oh! I didn’t smell a child,” the creature said. As her black eyes met Mim’s purple ringed with blue, she stopped. “Well, what do we have here? How strange...” She got up from the table and circled her. At full height, the creature stood at least two feet taller than Mim.“I can smell the sweet scent of youth a mile away, little piglet, yet somehow I had no idea you were here.” A cold, pointy, finger ran across Mim’s cheek and up to her temples. “And what strange eyes you have.”

Mim was rooted to the ground and dared not move. Whatever stood before her seemed to be a demon that had jumped off the pages of one of Ilanya’s stories, and as she glanced towards Miss Barley and Candy for direction, the two were expressionless. They stared ahead in some sort of trance. What was wrong with them?

A lightning bolt cracked overhead and the woman let out a high-pitched laugh. When her oversized mouth opened, Mim could see two rows of sharpened teeth that filled the inside: one in the front like normal, and another jagged row sitting just behind it. The two figures that accompanied her said nothing, remaining still and hidden under their cloaks.

As she looked down at the blond girl, for the first time in over a thousand years, curiosity crept into Morra’s mind. The girl had no smell, and try as she might, Morra Losis couldn’t sense a trace of her except with her vision. But even stranger were her eyes. Purple eyes like those she had only seen many ages ago, and the bearers of them had disappeared from the sphere before the Great War in the north had begun.

But yet here in front of her one remained, and she wondered to herself whether her queen would find interest in this young human. Oh, most certainly, she thought. This revelation was the only thing keeping her from devouring the succulent girl on the spot. But if she lost her now, she would have to hunt for her like mortals did, and that was certainly not going to happen. Then the most wonderful idea came to her mind.

With the centaurs it had always been the hunt, the Dwarves their precious jewels, and the Elves their knowledge. But with humans it had always come down to their desire for freedom and independence. And although she hadn’t been awake for long, she knew in this age that true freedom could only be attained by one thing:wealth. She knew exactly what this poor little mongrel desired most just by looking at her torn outfit and dirty hands. “Well, it seems that one servant around here knows how to appease a guest of status. And I have always prided myself on paying the help.”

Morra Losis snapped her fingers and one of the tall hooded figures glided over, producing a large coin purse. She dipped her hand in and pulled out a large handful of endins and sprinkled them into the pot of meat with a smile. The taller creature then went back to standing by its twin before she drew herself closer to the girl onceagain. “That is for the meat, dear.” She then reached into a pocket from the inside of her cloak and pulled out a very small black purse. It was made of a shimmery fabric and all over it were dark maroon shapes. “And this is for you.”

As her hand placed the small pouch in the girl’s free hand, a tremor went through her. She could barely contain her appetite. She grabbed Mim’s jaw with one hand and effortlessly lifted her off of the ground, running her forked purple tongue up Mim’s cheek. The pot dropped to the ground, sending pieces of raw pork and coins spilling onto the rough floors. Her grip was so tight that she felt the girl’s jaws beginning to crack. She hadn’t had a meal this intriguing in an age, and her resistance was crumbling to the need to satisfy her hunger. What can one little bite hurt? she thought. But as she thought of her master, she quickly let go, dropping the girl back to the ground and turning back towards the table. As she bent down and picked up a raw piece of intestine and dangled it in front of her face, she said, “I just don’t think this will do. I certainly do not eat off of the floor, and when I feed I have always desired something with a little more...spunk.” She turned towards the dark greasy haired girl and let out a low gurgle, briefly revealing her jagged rows of teeth. Lifting her enchantment, the girl came out of her stupor, and after a moment began shrieking and backing away.

About the Author:

John Swan has been an independent fiction writer since 2003, with the Aldaya Series being his first published work to date. During that time, he attended Southern Illinois University and graduated with two degrees, both with high honors. He has an Associates in the Sciences and a Bachelors in Meteorology and Climate sciences, with emphasis on research and written dictations.

He spent several years during school helping to open and manage a French Bistro before moving to Honolulu, HI, where he worked for the local Parks and Wildlife service and was finally able to give his writing career the full attention it needed.

His love for writing began at an early age, never passing up chances to submit his works to young writers’ forums through school and his local community. He grew up on a small farm in southern Illinois, but spent his summers in an enchanted little blue cottage on the banks of the Mississippi River. In this valley is where he wandered beneath the trees along the bluffs with his best friends, and where tales of hobbits, mages, boy wizards, enchanted wardrobes and Native American folk lore shaped his writing style and drove him to create an entire universe all his own.

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Free Ebook The Noru by Lola StVil

The Noru
Blue Rose
Book One
Lola StVil

Genre: YA Fantasy


Number of pages: 397
Word Count:  73,062

Cover Artist: Renu

Book Description:

"After speaking to the other angels on the team, I hang up my cell and sigh. No one's heard from Aaden in months. This bothers me not only as the leader but as his girl--well if I was his girl--which I'm not. 
Great. Now on top of being grounded, I'm sitting here acting girly and needy. Argh!!!

Screw this! I start to head downstairs to plead my case to my parents again, when something out the window catches my eye. I lean in closer to get a good look. What I see astounds me: soundlessly and without hesitation, the humans line up and jump off the roof one at a time..."

PLEASE NOTE: This book contains a scene in chapter 12 that is for mature audiences only. Readers can skip this chapter without missing any info vital to the plot.

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“That didn’t look like nothing, Pryor. He’s terrified. You were Binding him,” my dad accuses.

"A little,” I admit, avoiding eye contact.

"You could have killed him,” she says.

"I wasn’t going to hurt Principal Walsh. I just wanted him to shut up. He was going on about conforming to the status quo, and frankly that’s unacceptable behavior for an educator. I was doing humanity a favor by rendering him silent.”

About the Author:

Lola was seven when she first came to this country from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She attended Columbia College in Chicago, where her main focus was creative writing. In addition to plays, she also writes screenplays and short stories.

She has been commissioned to write for ABC, CBS and Princeton University. She won the NAACP award for her play "The Bones of Lesser Men". In addition to being nominated for LA Weekly awards. Her work has also received positive reviews from The LA Times, Variety and LA Weekly.

Twitter @guardiansgirl

Instagram @authorlolastvil

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Interview: Beacon of Sound by R.M. Garry

Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself and what inspired to write in this particular genre?

I come from a very diverse cultural background. My mother is French and Guadeloupian and my father is Haitian. I am the proud mother of three boys who my entire family calls the wolf pack. My boys are loving, adventurous, intelligent, and live to make me laugh. I have been married for 12 years and spend my free time harassing my husband. 

What is it about the paranormal, in particular vampires, that fascinates you so much?

The paranormal world is all about the power of secrets. You don’t know you are being hunted unless someone tells you. Vampires and other paranormal creatures are powerful but can be weakened by the right man or woman.  The Beacons are not vampires, but they come very close.

What inspired you to write this book?

My cultural background and hometown inspired this story. Immokalee Florida is a small migrant community that is full of diverse cultures, good food, and hidden adventures.

Please tell us about your latest release.

Beacon of Sound is a story that reveals how people can avoid the truth even if it is wrapped in bright green paper. Marie DeLou has spent years living behind the illusion of a perfect life. She is so convinced that her world is perfect that she ignores the truth until it is too late.  The story is complicated, romantic, erotic, and funny.

Is there a character that you enjoyed writing more than any of the others?

I loved writing Marie’s character. She is sarcastic, stubborn, and sexy. She is my idea of a perfect woman.

What is your favorite scene from the book? Could you share a little bit of it, without spoilers of course?

My favorite scene is when Marie is given the opportunity to play a Stradivarius cello. When it comes to cellos, Marie is worse than a man sitting in a fully nude strip club. She is greedy and will even avoid using good sense just to get her hands on a cello. Basically, she sets herself up for failure in the scene with the cello.  Marie can play the cello as long as she sits on someone’s lap. In her mind, she is a professional and can play sitting on a man’s lap. Yeah, right Marie.

With the book being part of a series, are there any character or story arcs, that readers jumping in somewhere other than the first book, need to be aware of? Can these books be read as stand alones?

Beacon of Sound is the first book in a five-book series. Each book can be read alone as long as the reader reads the character names and definitions at the end of the book. There will be recaps about each character in the next books. Readers who plan on following the series, keep an eye on the guardian Ethera aka the great Ether. She has a lot of dangerous secrets.

Do any of your characters have similar characteristics of yourself in them and what are they?

Marie is an extreme version of me and my best friend combined. I mixed both of our insane personalities and came up with Marie DeLou. I am stubborn, sarcastic, and sometimes impulsive. My best friend is the same plus loves food.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? How do you deal with it?

I usually read the section I am working on to my husband or email it to my book club. Their feedback helps me move past my writer's block. If all else fails, I eat chocolate and drink plum wine.

Do you have any weird writing quirks or rituals?

How do you define weird? I have jumped out of bed a 3 a.m. to write something down so I won’t forget to put it in my story. Is that weird?

(RR- I think that's normal for an author LOL I do it all the time)

Do you write in different genres?

I am currently sticking to paranormal, romance, and fantasy. I may tackle different genres in the future. Currently, I don’t have the patience required to write a mystery or historical. I am always eager to give my readers all the answers.

Do you find it difficult to write in multiple genres?

I just follow my stories. Sometimes, the stories lead to different genres and I respect my work enough to just let it happen.

When did you consider yourself a writer?

I have been writing since childhood but did not consider myself a writer until I published Beacon of Sound. I didn’t give into the stories until I ignored my fears and decided to give my work to the world.

What are your guilty pleasures in life?

Takara Plum wine must always be present in my house. It is a guilty pleasure I refuse to give up. I love dark chocolate and will do anything to get it. My husband takes full advantage of my weakness for wine and chocolates. Honestly, I would trade the best chocolate in the world for a good massage. I love massages.

Other than writing, what are some of your interests, hobbies or passions in life?

I am currently finishing my Masters in mental health counseling. I also make jewelry when I am not writing. My family is my primary passion in life.

Where is your favorite place to read? Do you have a cozy corner or special reading spot?

I love to read on my couch with a cup of Earl Grey Moonlight tea and a thick comforter across my legs.

What can readers expect next from you?

I am currently working on Hearts Unbound. It is a contemporary romance with a small paranormal element.  Ramon lost his wife tragically and refuses to move on. He tries to hold on to her memory while his mind and body want to love Sophia. It is a story full of laughs and tears, but they eventually figure it out.

Beacon Holiday is the first novella in the Noir Dera Series. The story gives you more info about Marie and the rest of the Beacons. True to form, Marie causes all kinds of chaos in this novella.

Beacon of Sound
The Noir Dera     
Book 1
R.M. Garry

Genre: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781310047725

Number of pages: 247
Word Count: 86,260

Cover Artist: Brandi Doane McCann

Book Description:

There is no way to fight desire and destiny. Marie is going to learn that the only way to win is to give in.

Marie DeLou has everything a successful counselor could ever want. Her mental health practice is thriving and she can help most clients without trying. In addition to a great career, she’s married to a sexy, doting neurologist. Marie has convinced herself that her perfect life is quiet and nothing will change it. Little does she know that a freight train of a man named Patrick Alvang is about to tear right through her quiet existence and turn the world as she knows it upside down.

Prince Patrick Alvang of the Noir Dera has one job to do. His mission is to reveal the truth to Marie and save her from the danger lurking within her walls. The plan is simple that is, until he gets to know the damsel in distress and decides he wants to devour her instead. Saying that Marie is stubborn would be an understatement, so he’ll have to play dirty if he wants to save the damsel and claim Marie as his Na-Ou. Saving a reluctant woman is hard work, but Patrick is sure to enjoy every last erotic second of his undertaking.

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Ahmose Sept Anno held her daughter’s hand close. They were completing a nightly ritual. Her young daughter Marie loved to take long walks and they always walked in the park or open field behind the aquatic complex. The scent of freshly cut grass and nature always left them feeling peaceful, and her young daughter needed to walk in order to remain calm. At the age of 12 the child had already shown amazing power through music.

Marie could recreate any sound she had ever heard on any instrument. While she clung to the cello as if it was her very breath, she took every opportunity to touch all instruments. Ahmose took her to Naples once a week to play the piano at a studio. From the small, migrant community of Immokalee in which they called home, the journey usually took about an hour. It was worth the long drive because the joy and light in Marie's eyes filled Ahmose with love.
She had been raising Marie alone since she fled her homeland with her mother and house sisters. They had all since split in hopes of hiding from the darkness that was out for their blood and power. Ahmose’s mother spent hours weaving spells from the wind in order to preempt any strikes against them. They had both decided that Marie would be encouraged to pursue her passion for music but would never be allowed to learn about the significance of her power.  As long as Marie did not open herself to the Ether, no one would know of her existence. Every time Marie asked about her abilities, they just told her she was special and loved by all Gods.
No matter how much she masked her powers, Ahmose knew danger was only a heartbeat away. She and her mother both felt it, and every day they felt the dark powers in Immokalee growing. Something had finally caught up with them. They worked even harder to protect Marie. Ahmose was not afraid of dying; she was afraid that both her and Gran would be killed leaving Marie at the mercy of the Dera, and she could never allow that to happen. Once this walk was over, she would double her efforts and pull more power from the new God they now served.
After hiding in Haiti, their powers had been recognized by the Haitian Vodou Loa Loko. He was the only God that could make an individual a Hougan or Mambo. He had borne witness to their past and had blessed them with power, protection, and safe passage to the United States. They could never reveal their power to others or attempt to reconnect with their former God the Ether. If they chose to break that vow, they would be left open to danger and never allowed back into the fold of power.
For many reasons, Marie's powers had to be suppressed. They would have to willingly sacrifice themselves in order to help Marie gain her full powers. They would have to return to the Ether and leave Marie behind, and they were not willing to do that. As long as they both lived, the young, powerful musician that she had given birth to would be safe and remain alive.
"Mommy, did you hear me?” Marie's soft voice floated to her ears.
"Yes, dearest, I heard you. What instrument do you want to play now?” Ahmose replied.
"I had a dream about an Erhu. The music was so beautiful and sad, and the woman playing it had glowing eyes. She looked as though she wanted to cry but had to hold it in. The Erhu was crying for her and telling the world of her sadness.”
 Ahmose drew in a sharp breath. The instruments were starting to call Marie, she thought. They were showing her the future. The Erhu is a Chinese violin. It had been used for centuries by different ethnic groups in China and throughout the world to convey emotions through music. Their neighbor Lan Yi had only played the instrument once in Marie’s presence but Marie was able to recognize it in a dream.
Before she could speak, she heard the sound of walking thunder.
The thunder was not coming from the sky; it was more of a thundering vibration that was coming towards them. Her heart began to race. They were here, and they were going to take Marie away. She had to protect Marie.
"Run daughter! Do not question me, just run!” Ahmose cried out.
 They began to run and Ahmose called to the Vodou Loa Loko and began to draw on her powers as a mambo. She called for a spell of protection which descended upon her as she began to run faster.
Ahmose had a moment of relief that was immediately shattered as she realized that Marie was not covered by her protection. Loko would only protect the Hougans and Mambos, and Marie had not yet been inducted into that life. She would be protected while the life of her daughter was drained.
"Manman, what is that?” asked Marie. “I hear dark music. It is so scary.”
"Hush my daughter. I will protect you.”
Without warning, Ahmose and Marie were frozen still. Dark hands wrapped around Ahmose’s throat and she began to wheeze. The hands squeezed tighter and tighter. Marie saw the hands and began to cry.
"Rete w ap toufe l'! Stop, you’re choking her! Mommy, mommy!” screamed Marie as Ahmose called more power.
The hands around her throat began to ease. A second pair of hands began to close around Marie's throat. Ahmose did not think or hesitate.
"Do not cry daughter. Let the Erhu cry for you!”
 Ahmose called forward her power of Earth.  “I call on the power of Earth. Bind and protect my daughter, Marie Sept Anno.  I open myself to the Ether. May its blessing be upon my daughter, the Beacon.”
There was a sound of fibers ripping as dark brown waves poured from the Sky and into Ahmose. She immediately shot her hands forward and ripped through the dark body strangling Marie. Marie started to wheeze, then caught her breath.  The dark powers began to disappear except for one. She heard a familiar voice say, "What shall be our payment, Loko? Your mambo has broken her vow. You must pay the cost of her treason.” The figure then began to laugh.
Ahmose was prepared and knew what was coming. In an instant, her protective shields vanished and the dark hands returned to her throat. "I shall finally have your power, Beacon of Earth.” Ahmose would never let her powers be drained; she made her final sacrifice for her daughter. "Thank you, Loko, for your protection. My family will never be able to repay you. I take my punishment freely for breaking my vow.”
She looked at Marie and whispered, "I love you, Marie, daughter of my land.”
"Mommy, what are you saying? Let her go, please let her go!”
Ahmose looked to the sky as her throat began to close. "I call to the Ether, return me to your peace. Take Marie, the beacon of my womb, as my gift and sacrifice. Send my power to your first daughter, my mother. May it be there when she’s ready to receive your blessings? Oh great Ether, return me home.”
A flash of light hit the sky and blue power poured into Marie. Ahmose took one last breath and died. The dark power left her body in a heap on the ground as the figure of a woman shrouded by darkness moved towards Marie with malevolent intent.  As she got close, a strong wind blew her away. The wind wrapped itself around Marie who was lying on top of her mother's body. "Manman, please wake up! It’s okay, you can breathe now. The mean lady is gone.” The wind blew in Marie's ears and whispered "Don't cry daughter; let the Erhu cry for you.”
Marie began to shiver as waves of blue light began to flow from her body. A sad melody filled the air,itair, it was the music of an Erhu.   Jia Peng Fang's “Cherry Blossoms” could be heard throughout the field and down the block. Marie shook and shivered but she never cried. She felt the wind return and her body was lifted off of her mother. Ahmose’s body rose up into the air and began to turn into brown waves and wind. The waves mixed with the wind and started floating away as the music grew louder. The brown waves wound themselves around Marie and lifted her up. After a few minutes, she was place on the ground and the waves disappeared into the sky. Marie laid down and did not get up. She waited in that very spot, hoping to wake up from this nightmare.
Femi Sept Anno felt the moment her daughter left the mortal plain. She felt her heart breaking. She put her fist to her mouth and held back her tears. She called out to the winds, "Find my granddaughter!” The winds obeyed and took her to Marie. She found Marie lying on the ground. Ahmose was gone. "Marie! Come to me! Let me take you home.”  It was then that Marie opened her eyes as Femi saw something that she had prayed to never see in her granddaughter's eyes.  The innocent girl she loved was gone. Sadness, fear, and hopelessness were the only things left in her brown, almost mortal eyes. She lifted her granddaughter into her arms and went home. This was only the beginning. One day she would have to give up the mortal world in order to protect Marie. Until that time, they would go home.

About the Author:

R.M. Garry lives with her three male children a.k.a the wolf pack and her husband of 12 years.

Writing allows her to maintain her sanity while juggling her world.

Her goal is to give readers a brief escape from the realities of their world.

When she isn’t writing, R.M. is reading and keeping up with her favorite authors. 

For updates and book information readers can visit

Twitter: @authorrmgarry


Interview and Giveaway Alien Attachments by Sabine Priestley

Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself and what inspired to write in this particular genre?

I’ve always been a geek. I grew up watching Lost in Space and Star Trek (probably dating my self there J). When the writing bug hit, it hit hard and I was reading a lot of Gini Koch. She’s got a great Alien series Sci-Fi Rom and I just had to create my own world.

Please tell us about your latest release.

Alien Attachments is about a woman who discovers she has amazing powers called psi. Along with the psi, she discovers aliens are out there and some of them are really hot. There’s a lot of action, an undeniable bond, a crumbling empire and some steamy sex.

Do you have a special formula for creating characters' names? Do you try to match a name with a certain meaning to attributes of the character or do you search for names popular in certain time periods or regions?

Names either come to me right away or I struggle with them. Right now, for example, I’m fleshing out a thriller. I know my characters fairly well at this point, but none of them have names. I need to nail them down pretty soon. For me, it’s more of a gut feeling. I’ll know it when I find it. I think the only thing I would add is that I have to make sure there aren’t too many similar sounding names in the same story. That leads to unnecessary confusion.

Was one of your characters more challenging to write than another?

Fortunately no. Each one has a strong personality and comes across easily to me.

Do you have a formula for developing characters? Like do you create a character sketch or list of attributes before you start writing or do you just let the character develop as you write?

It’s definitely more organic for me. They develop as the story progresses.

What is your favorite scene from the book? Could you share a little bit of it, without spoilers of course?

One of my favorites to write was the scene near the beginning were these nasty Torogs go after Dani and Jared. This is where she realizes that aliens are real, they’re on Earth and they’re trying to kill her. Good times!

What is the most interesting thing you have physically done for book related research purposes?

I recently interviewed a local police chief. That was cool. In the near future I’ll be going to the Sheriffs headquarters where they keep the homicide evidence and the morgue. Obviously these things weren’t for my Alien Attachments series J

With the book being part of a series, are there any character or story arcs, that readers jumping in somewhere other than the first book, need to be aware of? Can these books be read as stand alones?

The books are designed to be read sequentially however I’m trying really hard to make sure that each book is a satisfying read in and of itself. The biggest arc has to do with the Portal Masters and an alternate form of psi. That all comes to a head in book three.

Do any of your characters have similar characteristics of yourself in them and what are they?

Does my wishing I had psi count? I write strong female characters and I like to think I fit that description.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? How do you deal with it?

That’s when my characters aren’t talking to me. I hate that. It usually means I’m trying to push them in a direction they don’t want to go. I can usually fix it by changing the direction of the scene. If that doesn’t work I have to walk away for a day or two. They eventually start talking again.

Do you have any weird writing quirks or rituals?

Not really. Unless you count writing while standing up. I try to stand as much as possible.

Do you find it difficult to write in multiple genres?

I find it invigorating.

When did you consider yourself a writer?

That’s a good question. Before I was published I used to feel almost guilty calling myself a writer. Especially when I got that question “Have you published anything?” I eventually sorted it out. You spend that many hours writing and you’re a bloody writer.

What are your guilty pleasures in life?

Chocolate and wine.

Other than writing, what are some of your interests, hobbies or passions in life?

Travel. I love seeing different cultures and trying different food. I love the beach and long walks. I also enjoy making stuff. I’m currently fiddeling around with seashells, tiny little people and resin.

What can readers expect next from you?

Books two and three of the Alien Attachments series and that thriller J

Where can readers find you on the web?

Would you like to leave readers with a little teaser or excerpt from the book?

Here’s a bit from the scene I mention above. Dani’s talking to Jared who is a human support agent for the aliens.

“Earth Protector? You’re kidding right?”
“No. Pretty much what it sounds like. Cliche as it may be, we are not alone in the universe.”
Dani held Jared’s gaze. She’d heard what he said, but couldn’t process the words. They sat on her brain like little beings, patiently waiting to be let in. Knock, knock. Dani let out a nervous laugh. Maybe if I ignore them, they’ll go away. Jared didn’t blink. Or maybe not.
“So you’re not an EP?”
“Nah, I’m human, just like you. I’m what they call a Support Agent, or SA for short. I do what I can for Ian and the other EPs, but I’m based with Ian.”
“So you’re a spy.”
“Support agent, not secret agent,” Jared said. “Although, we are a secret.”
“You’re a spy for aliens.”
“Stop it. It’s not like that.”

Alien Attachments
Book One
Sabine Priestley

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Publisher: Lyrical Press an imprint of Kensington Books

Date of Publication: Aug 18th, 2014

ISBN:  9781616505660

Word Count: 73K

Cover Artist: Renee Rocco

Book Description:

Finding one’s psi-mate is something every Sandarian hopes for, but when Ian Cavacent accidentally starts the bonding process with the Earthling, Dani, he has to fight his desire with every ounce of his being. If the process is completed, it would be both political and financial suicide for Ian and his family.

A natural klutz, Dani somehow always manages to land on her feet and win those mixed martial arts matches she’s so fond of. At home on Cat Island her balance is thrown when bazillionaire Ian takes notice.

Unfortunately some butt-ugly Torog aliens also take notice sending her life spiraling out of control and into Ian’s arms. But Dani isn’t the type of woman to let some alien voodoo decide her future or her mate…no matter how gorgeous the man is or how much pleasure he gives her.

For centuries the Cavacents have mined Earth for a precious element, carnium, while protecting the planet from other alien species.

Thanks to the Torogs, Dani and Ian must flee to Sandaria. As Dani learns to use her newfound psi powers, the empire crumbles around them.

Will their love be strong enough to keep them alive and get them back to Earth?

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Waves of pleasure radiated out from his touch. She looked up into his eyes. They truly were the greenest eyes she’d ever seen and as she watched, they began to glow.
Oh, shit. Dani took a slow, shaky breath. She stood in the arms of an alien and this was the point of no return. Did she want to return?
His thumb brushed her lower lip.
The heat in her grew.
Her name was a rumbling growl that reverberated deep inside. She tingled everywhere.
He leaned forward, his mouth brushed her ear. “I’ll leave if you want me to, just say the word.”
He kissed her neck, tentatively, questioningly.  The heat of his lips melted any resolve she may have harbored. The thought of him leaving her now, in this state, was unbearable. Aroused on every level, she reached her arms around his neck and pressed against him.
This must be a dream. She moaned as he nipped his way down her neck causing little sparks of pain. Her entire body rippled with the effect. If I wake up now, I’m killing the person responsible.

About the Author:

Geek. Mother of teens. Wife to her very own alien.

Lover of sun, sand, science, and the stars.

Sabine lives in Florida with her husband, kids, cats and whole mess of characters in her head.


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